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"We use YouTXT for Customer Reminders.
It's easy to use, fast and economical,
no more "forgotten" appointments. Our Customers think it's great and use the Reply feature regularly.
Thanks CTAS.."

YouTXT Demo and Test Page.
The YouTXT System delivers TXT, Email or Calendar appointments as required. You can group them and send all at once or individually. The personal use login only allows you to send reminders to your own phone or email, and the business or Controller login allows you to send reminders to your customers.

You can try this system out with these special Demo facilities, or do a test message
to your phone in this box to see how quick our TXT system is.

These Demo logins work like real logins, except the messages are not actually sent out.

Simply click Run Demo , and then browse, and have a play. You can add, delete, change alerts and generally get a feel of how easy this system is to use.

For business controllers, you can try a business account demo, by running the following: click Run Cntrl Demo
After you have tried the Demo, click Logout and then Join to sign up with your own account.
Please contact us if you have any questions, or for help getting set up.

Grant Collingwood
Manager, Ctas NZ Ltd
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