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As well as personalised appointments via txt, email or both, you can preload regular, annual or series events for the coming year, such as sporting, tax or gardening reminders.

There are many global sporting events, that have several rounds or events during the year. To save each user from having to set these up, for each round, we have provided a global Events system. This means that you can select an event by its name, eg Formula 1, and then load all rounds directly into your calendar with a single click. This will save you a lot of time, and reduce the chance of you missing any rounds.

When you use this method, each round is loaded into your calendar, and your default method of delivery is selected automatically. These events are stored in your calendar exactly as if you had entered them yourself, so you can adjust them further if you want, and this does not affect anyone elses calendar.

Where the events are internationally organised, or published from other countries, we have sourced times and dates as close as practical based on the normal televising times. As these can vary, we have loaded times that are earlier than the event, to ensure you do not miss your favourite sporting event. Events that have passed, are not loaded into your calendar, so if you want to reload them during the season, or if there are updates that we notify you about, then reloading the entire season will not trigger a lot of Alerts in catchup.

There are other commonly used and regular events as well, such as NZ Tax dates and Gardening reminders that have been installed in this system. As these repeat each year, we generally store these with Yearly Recurring set.

Events that you already have loaded, will not be loaded again. If you want them to be loaded into your calendar again, you should delete the current one, or change the Message Text, then reload the entire event.

To use this Events feature, in the Browse screen to the right of the "Add New" is a button called "Add Events". Click that button, and you will see the popup window, with a Picklist of EventNames. Select the required one of these, and the screen will change to show you each Round, the Message Text and the date and time. Click "Save To My Calendar" to store the entire Season to your calendar. Then click Close to close the window. You will see the entire season has been added to your calendar.

Examples of some events that have been preloaded are: Formula 1, MotoGP, World SBK, All Blacks, Blackcaps, A1GP, V8 Supercars, NZ Tax, Gardening. If you would like other events set up as preloaded events, please contact us, and we will happily consider the request.
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