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YouTXT is a system designed for you to set up date and time reminders.
What does this system have that others don't ?   Read here to find out ...
Set up appointments, (date, time, recurring, choose txt, email, Calendar or combination), and the system will send a reminder. Ideal for personal use to store all important dates in one place or for business use, where you can send reminders to your customers, and ensure you have their return business. Also Clubs and Organisations can send reminders or information to all their members at once.

To access this system, simply go to login using your name and password. Once logged in, you have access to all of your messages; you can edit, review, create and delete them. Messages can be set up for any day and time, and you can set them to alert once only, or utilize recurring daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Once your alerts are set up, then logout, and let the system send the reminders for you. 

For business, Clubs and Organisations, you can set up Alerts for your Customers or Members. This is a great way to avoid losing customers to your competitors, and your customers will be grateful for your reminder.

We have a range of plans that are designed to enable people to choose the most practical plan, based on expected quantities of alerts.
PlanNumber of Alerts per monthCost
AlertTrial20Free for 3 months
AlertPlan120 with average of 10 or lessFree for home use
AlertPlan220$35.95 +GST / yr
AlertPlan550$7.50 +GST / month
AlertPlan10100$15.95 +GST / month
AlertPlan20200$30.95 +GST / month
AlertPlan99Special deals or bulk rates Contact us
PayPerAlertUnlimitedNo Monthly fee. 0.25c +GST / txt
Any AlertPlanUnlimitedFree when using EmailTxt Method

If you approach your maximum number of txt SMS alerts in a month, you get a warning email as well as the txt being sent. Once the maximum has been exceeded, then an email is sent to you, instead of the txt.
If you are interested in using this system, don't delay, Join now for Free by going to Join to sign up for this service, login and try it out. Or, if you would like assistance, then contact us.
Imagine the possibilities. Your reminders are sent for less than half a postage stamp, and the recipient is happy to get them.
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