AlertManager txt SMS and Email Reminder System
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Businesses, Clubs and Organisations, get TXT ready now.

YouTXT Plans and prices are shown below. As well as these, custom plans are available, so please contact us if you have some special requirements.
AlertTrial 20 Free for 3 months
AlertPlan1 20 (avg < 10) Free home use
AlertPlan2 20 $35.95 +GST / year
AlertPlan5 50 $7.50 +GST / month
AlertPlan10 100 $15.95 +GST / month
AlertPlan20 200 $30.95 +GST / month
AlertPlan99 Contact us
PayPerAlert Unlimited No Monthly fee.
0.20c +GST/txt
Premium 50c Shortcodes Unlimited Free (Combined with Plans above)
Premium 50c Shortcodes Unlimited $13 +GST / month
Premium 20c Shortcodes Unlimited $13 +GST / month (Combined with Plans above)
Premium 20c Shortcodes Unlimited $29 +GST / month

To access this system, simply go to login using your name and password. Once logged in, you have access to all of your messages; you can edit, review, create and delete them. Messages can be set up for any day and time. 

If you are interested in using this system, don't delay, Join now for Free by going to Join to sign up for this service, login and try it out. Or, if you would like assistance, then contact us.

Imagine the possibilities. Your reminders are sent for less than half a postage stamp, and the recipient is happy to get them.

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