AlertManager txt SMS and Email Reminder System
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Consider the following significant advantages over other systems or methods of Alerting and Client Reminders:

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As well as the above advantages, you have the assurance that we are here to support the system, and to resolve any issues or problems that may arise.

We are based in Hamilton, New Zealand, and are available by phone or email. When we do upgrades, we have a strict testing regime on a dedicated Development system before uploading onto the internet. After uploading, any changes are tested again, and if necessary the process is repeated until we are 100% positive that there are no issues.

All components in this system have multiple daily backups, Alternative power (UPS or Generators), alternative routing and standby systems, so that as much as practically possible, your service will continue even when there are outages beyond our control.

You can also, Send Alerts to a Group
from your mobile phone

If you have any questions about this system, please don't hesitate to contact us and enquire, as we are happy to help.

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